Friday, June 13, 2008

SB-REIA new Blog Spot

Hello All SB-REIA Members,

As of June 13th 2008 we now have a Blog Spot to make life a little easier when it comes to finding meetings, dates, times, locations, and any late breaking news. Please give us your feedback so we can make this something that really works for you, your guests, and all the members.

Our new meeting place at Denny's in Goleta appears to be working out fine and will hold about 30 people. All we have to do is buy our own lunch and they will provide us the space. Of course we have to sign up the speakers and the members and with your help we can do!

We will be using Denny's for the Personal Power Project which will be a big help in Dumping the Pump and beating the rising price of gas through Alternative Energy.

We look forward to see you there and growing with you!

Thank you

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